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Surveillance Detectives in Delhi - India

Among all matrimonial investigations services, keeping a check or surveillance on the activities of the target person is the most crucial part of any investigation. The surveillance detectives of Top Secret Detective Agency are properly trained both hypothetically and practically to conduct the surveillance investigation with extreme care while maintaining the confidentially of its esteemed patrons. Our team of professionally sound, energetic, and skilled detectives understands the fact the surveillance needs to be conducted to give the quick results with substantiated proof.

Therefore, we use the most up-to-date and technically sophisticated tools and technologies to ensure better privacy of the surveillance. If a marriage becomes disputed due to the infidelity of one of the partners, it becomes necessary for the other partner to get verified and well-proven information about the physical activities and behavior of his/her spouse. The same information if verified can be used in legal lawsuit. In such cases, surveillance of the movements of the target person has to be conducted only by a professional detective so that the other partner can get crucial and factual information at the earliest.

The surveillance detectives of our detective agency follow the given steps for conducting the surveillance of the target person:

  • Use of high tech surveillance cameras for monitoring the physical movements of the target person
  • Use of GPS tracker for tracing the closest possible location of the target person to get a better view of his/her movements
  • Complete verification of the target person's background, social circle, meetings and contacts

The surveillance detective services not only help the clients in getting proper evidences against the suspected activities of the target person, but also take complete care of the full proof documents that can be used efficiently in legal proceedings. Headquartered in Delhi, India, Top Secret Detective Agency offers high quality and highly trusted surveillance detective services at the most economical rate, which are definitely best when compared with other detective agencies in Delhi.

We also use phone surveillance, video surveillance and still photography techniques to make the surveillance investigation to produce clearer and verified evidences in front of our clients. So, if you are looking to choose the surveillance services from a reputed matrimonial investigation agency , you can rely on Top Secret Detective Agency surveillance detective services that are not only budget friendly but also technically developed to give you the best results in shortest possible time period.

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