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Post Matrimonial Investigations

Do you feel that your spouse is hiding from your something about his or her friends? Is your spouse cheating on you with someone else or does he or she has some illegal assets that is hidden from you? If so, then you have landed at the right place. At Top Secret Detective Agency, we help your to explore and know your spouse movements and activities in detail and with precision. Due to our profound experience and knowledge, we enjoys the status of one of the best detective agencies in Delhi, India and we always strive to provide the most affordable post matrimonial investigation services to our clients.

Our private investigators and detectives can provide you with the most treasured and hidden details about your spouse activities without any fault, that will certainly benefit you during your litigation process. Our team is highly skilled and trained both theoretically and practically so that they could use the latest scrutinizing equipments for tracing and tracking the required factual videos or photos of the concern person. The physical inspection method conducted by our team of detectives is reinforced with the use of contemporary technology such as GPS tracking for establishing evidence of your spouse activities such as monetary misconduct, infidelity, illegal property transactions etc.

Among all other detective agencies for marriage, Top Secret Detective Agency follows a very clear and stepwise procedure for carrying out the post matrimonial investigation services that includes the following steps:

  • Information about the illegal assets possessions
  • Photos and videos creation for infidelity

  • Substantiation of the monetary misconduct

  • Behavioral pattern investigation

So, if you think that your spouse is having a dubious behavior towards something that he or she doesn't want to disclose in front of you, then you can rely on the post matrimonial investigation procedure conducted by our skilled detectives who have years of practical experience for conductions investigations without any type of error. We also use high quality scrutinizing equipments like sound and video recorder, surveillance cameras for tracing and trapping the concern person's activities and movements. Our entire post matrimonial investigation process is created in a step-by-sep format with substantiated proof to help our clients know about their spouse fraudulent and infidelity activities and use the verified proof in their lawsuit proceedings.

At Top Secret Detective Agency, we took pride in our ability to offer the verified evidences and information to help our clients take the right decision and step of their life.

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