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Undercover Operation

Marriages are big decisions of life and life takes a complete turn after marriages. Suppose you are planning to get married and you don't know everything about your would be life partner. Then, how will you know what is his/her actual social status? How much he/she is earning? What about his/her friends circle? Is he/she alcoholic, drug addict or having any other bad habit? To get the definite proof and substantiated fact about your would be life partner, you can use the Undercover Operations services of Top Secret Detective Agency Detective Agency that ensures accurate results within shorter timeframe. We also offer the undercover operations for the married couple in case one of the partners indulges in unfaithfulness.

Our Undercover operations are performed by well-trained and highly clued-up detectives, who have years of experience in handling all types of matrimonial investigations with perfection. What makes the undercover operations of Top Secret Detective Agency completely unique from its competitors is the use and precision of technology advanced equipments and techniques such as hidden cameras, GPS tracker, video monitoring and recording devices, audio recording devices etc.

Headed by a highly professional and skilled detective of Delhi India, our detective agency has well-known background and reputation of conducting even the toughest investigations with faultlessness. The qualities that make our investigation services completely unique comprises of well-planned and detailed investigations and surveillance techniques while maintaining precision, privacy, and sincerity of our valued clients.

Dynamic, energetic and skilled team of professional detectives

  • Preparation of a detailed plan before execution of investigation
  • Use of high tech equipments and technology
  • Complete information about the target person's family background, social status, and reputation

In today's work loaded lifestyle, it is common that couples don't get enough time to spend with each other and instead of searching for some other solution, they start indulging in infidelity that leads to the complete breakdown of the relationship. During the course of infidelity, the suspected spouse start hiding about his/her whereabouts, likes/dislikes and other things that might increases the tension between the two. Understanding the privacy and need of a person to uncover some hidden facts about his/her spouse, Top Secret Detective Agency offers the best undercover operation investigation at a highly affordable price. While conducting the investigation, our detectives take extreme care of not disclosing a single hint for the target person so that they can collect the maximum details about the target person's physical activities from the closest location.

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