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Still Photo And Videography

Fighting for a court case, searching for evidences and proofs, and tracing and tracking the activities of suspected person requires still photos and recorded videos to prove. With our renowned position as a popular and reliable detective agency for marriage in Delhi, India, Top Secret Detective Agency provides the most economically priced still photos and video recording services to its clients to help them in presenting their facts and information in their legal procedures.

The team of professional detectives at Top Secret Detective Agency is proficient and trained for using the latest techniques for conducting matrimonial investigations that includes the use of modern surveillance cameras for clicking still photos and recording the movements of the suspected person. Our investigations are done taking care of the privacy of our valued clients so that the target person doesn't get a single clue of what is happening around him/her.

We also use stepwise process for carrying all types of marriage related investigations because we understand that the matrimonial related disputes are full of emotions and are sensitive and hence, we handle them with care so that the clients can get the real factual information to be used in their court cases.

The reasons that make us stand apart from the crow of other detective agencies include:

  • We use the latest surveillance camera with GPS tracker installations for tracing, clicking and recording the movements of the target person.
  • We also install the GPS tracker in the vehicles of the target person for monitoring his/her movements and depending on the closest location, we record the video of his/her activities.
  • Our team of professional detectives is highly knowledgeable ad skilled for investigating and obtaining still photos and videos.
  • We also have a laboratory with advanced equipments where we process the video recordings and clicked photos before presenting it to the clients.

Headed by an experienced and professional detective of India, Top Secret Detective Agency offers investigation services with proven records of videos and still photos to help the clients in winning their court battles. Before obtaining the photos and videos, our detectives thoroughly study about the case in depth so that no mistakes can be done and investigation can be carried out smoothly for the collection of the verified facts. After that they prepare a detailed plan for taking ahead the investigation while maintaining the precision, reliability, and privacy of the process. Due to our commitment for taking the investigation in an efficient and time saving manner, you can rely on Top Secret Detective Agency detective agency for getting the photos and video records in the shortest time with precision.

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