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Income Proof

It is common when your spouse become dishonest towards you and your child, he/she will start hiding his/her actual income to avoid you from claiming more money in case of divorce or child custody cases. In most of the divorce or child custody scenes, one of the partners will put all efforts to hide assets and income to dispossess the child or spouse of their actual rights. In such cases, you need income proof investigation services from a reputed detective agency that can help you in fighting and winning the most important part of your legal proceedings.

Top Secret Detective Agency Private Detectives in Delhi take pleasure in offering the best matrimonial investigation services across Delhi among all other detective agencies. Our investigations are carried using the most advanced and secured equipments and technology such as surveillance cameras, sound/video recorder, automated clicking cameras, GPS tracker to monitor and track every basic details of the suspected person's income so that we could provide our clients with the factual and substantiated information that they can use in their lawsuit.

The steps that our experienced and talented detective undertake while handling the income proof investigation cases include:

  • Verification of the matrimonial and non-matrimonial assets of the target person
  • Analysis and recording of the records of businesses or professional meetings attended by the target person
  • Checking and verification of the funds transfer made by the target person
  • Bank deposits, electronic transactions, and cancelled checks review

Apart from this, Top Secret Detective Agency professionals have mastered the art of using "Net Worth Method" for presenting the clear income proof in front of its clients. This method includes the evaluation of the complete list of assets possessed by the target person, minus the expenditures and liabilities, which are perfect for establishing the overall income of the target person. Maintaining the status of being one of the most trusted and demanded detective agency for marriage, Top Secret Detective Agency ensures to maintain the privacy of its clients while conducting the investigation cases so that the target person remains completely unaware of what is actually happening around his/her home. All the above steps taken by our team of detectives are very accurate for estimating the target person's true earning. So, if you have recently going through the worst phase of your life and you know that your spouse is hiding income or assets from you, then you can definitely rely on our income proof investigation services, where we maintain all standards to give our clients the best possible proof of their spouses' income.

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