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DETECTIVE AGENCY IN DELHI - Top Secret Detective Agency

Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi (An ISO 2008-9001 Certified Company) Covers All Major Cities in India. Following are the elaborate list of services provide by our private detective agency in Delhi-India and role played by our private investigators. They are categorized as

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Top Secret Detective Agency is provide best and top pre matrimonial investigation services in Delhi

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Hire Experienced post matrimonial detectives services in Delhi by Top Secret Detective Agency

Divorce Cases Investigations

Top Secret Detective Agency offer professional divorce case Investigation services in Delhi with evidence.

Loyalty Test Investigations

Top Secret Detective Agency is one of the best private detectives in Delhi leading top loyalty test investigations.

Extramarital Affairs Detectives

Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi is one of the best matrimonial detective agency leading best extramarital affairs investigations.

Surveillance Detectives

Top Secret Detective Agency Private Detectives in Delhi Provide Top Surveillance Detective & Investigation Services in Delhi.

Litigation Support Detectives

We are one of the best leading litigation support detectives & investigation services in Delhi.

Undercover Operation Detectives

Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi is specialized in performing undercover operations services in Delhi.

Income Proof Private Detectives

We are one of the best matrimonial detectives in Delhi offer Income proof and background investigations.


Top Secret Detective Agency enjoys the reputation of one of the most trusted and reliable private detective agency in Delhi, India from over a decade. Our agency comprises of highly skilled and experienced private investigators and detectives that hold significant expertise in solving cases related with the matrimonial issues. Our team uses the most relevant and scientific techniques while conducting private investigations with better accuracy. The use of latest surveillance technologies and equipments ensure quick results with precision.

Owing to our proficiency in handling matrimonial investigation cases with perfection, we cross examine and verify all the factual information to ensure that the investigation results are correct and in line with our client's requirements. Our private investigators in Delhi make sure that personal opinion of related individuals should be taken in concern before taking up the investigation case because it allows our clients to get the appropriate and factual information related with the social status and understanding of the concerned persons. With the help of both social perception and hard facts, we offer the best possible solutions to our valued clients so that they can effectively come up with the correct decision.

All the matrimonial cases taken up by Top Secret Detective Agency team are monitored from our main branch, which is based in Delhi. It helps our clients to contact directly at our main office to know the current status of their matrimonial cases. All our private investigators in Delhi are well-trained both in field area and theory for tracing matrimony related frauds and impeding those from happening further. All our forensic experts are knowledgeable enough to take the required steps during the factual data collection process to ensure better client satisfaction for the solutions given. Our testimonials prove the fact that we have earned an admirable success rate among our competitors, which keeps us motivated to give the best services to our valued clients in upcoming days as well.

Along with commitment for offering the services with professionalism, Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi has earned a great reputation for being a diligent, reliable, and excellent matrimonial detective agency in Delhi with expertise in post and pre matrimonial investigation, Surveillance Detectives, Loyalty Test, spouse cheating and other related frauds.

If you choose to hire Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi, rest assured that you will get the most effective solutions related with your marriage problems so that you could take better decisions to make your life stable and peaceful.

Top Secret Detective Agency is a PAN India company. Our Top private detective agency in Delhi work all over India with the high density of business from metro cities. Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi assures 100% privacy of client and its credential. Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi work under the shadow of customer's trust. Our private detectives in Delhi have is known for trustworthiness. Large base of loyal and satisfied customers make us lead in private detectives & Investigations Delhi-India. We also providing private Detectives and Investigations in Singapore, U.K, USA, Malaysia, UAE, Australia and Europe.

Top Secret Detective Agency IN DELHI IS CERTIFIED

ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 9001 : 2008 & SSI Certified

ISO 9001 : 2000 CERTIFIED

Top Secret Detective Agency is the independent service organization in the Private Detectives & Investigations industry to earn ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED

Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi is the independent service organization in the Private Detective & Investigations industry to earn ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

SSI Certified

Top Secret Detective Agency in India is the independent service organization in the Private Investigations and Detective industry to earn SSI Certification.


Individuals present relationship status (affair) is assessed by keeping him / her under discreet watch, especially on weekends & holidays apart from regular days. At times, social media screening comes handy, other, a discreet check in the residence vicinity. Past affairs are probed by discreetly checking at school / college attended by subject, employment place / office & past residence/s.

Under this we check if the subject is already married or was married before. At times this information is not disclosed before marriage and later creates trouble. It is not uncommon to come across cases where this information was kept hidden and later ended with divorce. This is checked mainly checked by going through marriage registration records apart from discreet check with other available sources. If the individual is divorcee / separated, reasons for separation is checked.
Bad habits such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution, etc greatly disturbs the married life, many a times ending with divorce & tough legal battles. It has been observed that divorce due to such bad habits are on high rise since 2005. We discreetly check on such bad habits and report to you with supporting facts / evidences.
We check on present employment details such as name of the organization, designation, salary, job profile, relationship with colleagues, overall performance, reputation, etc. It is not uncommon to inflate about salary.
Individuals income from one or various source/s is discreetly evaluated apart from checking on assets owned, residence ownership, vehicles owned, etc are checked. It further include checking for any concerning liability in terms of loan, mortgage, debt, etc.
Details on the family as members of the family, general and occupation, participation in any antisocial / illegal activity seriously, the social reputation, relationships with family, etc. are discovered by discreet investigation. The latest trend is for customers who want to discover the character of potential mothers-in-law. To do this, the researchers women go to their homes under the right front as to inquire about renting a room or as college students doing projects / survey. They try to talk to to see how it behaves and assess whether there is a risk of his being a fan of aggressive control-prospective mother. It is noteworthy that a large number of marriages are breaking up because the mother of the bride interfere in the relationship too. The growing ranks of women with education and wages than their husbands just as good or even better are being encouraged by their mothers in search of better options.
Every individual is perceived uniquely by the society or social circle. Here we check for social reputation of the subject among his/her social circle. Needless to mention, we do not enquire with his friends / relatives but has proven modus operandi to gather such information in a highly discreet manner.
Personality traits are actions, attitudes, behaviors and so on for an individual. Each individual is unique having specific values, temperament, etc. Top Secret Detective Agency check for individuals personality in an accurate and discreet manner.
It is wort to note an ancient famous saying 'Health is wealth'. Hence, it becomes important to check for any concerning health issue an individual may have.
Educational qualifications / degrees are verified. Lying about educational qualification is not uncommon.
Records at concerned local police station is checked apart from discreetly checking with other available sources. It also includes checking for any civil suit against the subject. We would be more than happy to accommodate your need to check on any other specific aspect; not mentioned above.

WHY Top Secret Detective Agency?

From many years, Top Secret Detective Agency has been providing expert Investigative assistance in Delhi (India) state with an experienced team of Private Detectives & Investigators Our mission is to provide the highest quality private detectives in the most discreet manner. We use all the latest technologies and have areas of expertise including pre matrimonial investigations and post matrimonial investigations, divorce cases investigation, background check, Loyalty test investigation, Employment verifications, criminal and civil claims, domestic relations better known cheating spouse investigations, workmen's compensation, and missing persons investigations.

Our 'VISION' is to provide an answer to each discern. Our Top Secret Detective Agency in Delhi work till the satisfaction of client is achieved. Our customers all over India and abroad are not just satisfied but they feel delightful.

We Goal at 100% client satisfaction as we are highly professional when it comes to work. We have highly skilled private detectives which bring out the best result in all the cases we get. We use the latest technology spy gadgets during investigations. Our best and top private investigator & detectives team keeps all the information confidential so that it does not leak out to a stranger.

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Top Secret Detective Agency in India, Best & Top Private Detectives in India

Private Detectives is a Top Secret Detective Agency actually, I know this firm from past 3 years. They helped me for my divorce case ie. Post Marital Investigation service. I was mentally harassed by my in laws and Top Secret Detective Agency, Top Secret Detective Agency helped me to provide me actual facts and evidences thats helped me allot in my divorce case. Please go for Marital Investigation before going to marriage to understand the actual facts of they are telling.


Hi, Its my pleasure to writing a testimonial on Top Secret Detective Agency, team of professional detectives is really helpful to get me out in my court cases. team has provided me proper evidences required to me for by case. Post Marital investigation cases are common and detectives are playing important role in these kind of fake cases. Thanks to private detectives services. Want to know some more details about your matrimonial detectives services in London Best Regards,


Hi, When I was searching for a good private detective in Delhi, India I was confuse. My friend suggest this Top Secret Detective Agency Agency for Pre Marriage investigation in India. I am thankful to Top Secret Detective Agency for providing me the complete family background check of a person in India. Provided information is very supportive for taking important decision. The company is very professional and team of detectives in Delhi and India work professionally to make client satisfied.


I have already suffered both mentally and economically in fighting my divorce case against my wife and I was seriously in search of a reputed detective agency that can help me in finding substantiated facts and evidences for making my cases stronger in the court. Thanks to Top Secret Detective Agency and its team of highly skilled detectives that has put their complete effort in tracing and tracking sufficient proofs for my case.




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